Terrific Kid Status

She was so proud of herself – and I was prouder still.  My little girl got her elementary school’s first ever terrific kid award for her Kindergarten class.


She got to have lunch with the Principal and the Assistant Principal (still an honor at her age…), she received a certificate, a bumper sticker, a pencil, and most importantly – an ice cream treat.

At the award’s ceremony, she couldn’t stop smiling – I could see her efforts to contain her grin, but it kept shining through anyway.  This was her first award and she soaked up every minute of the recognition.

And truth be told, had she not wanted to mount her Terrific Kid bumper sticker on construction paper so that it could hang in her room – it probably would have ended up on my car {something I swore I’d never do pre-kids if ever given the opportunity}. I love that my daughter’s kindness and  good behavior got recognized:  And at the same time I find myself saying a little prayer that as she grows and the opportunities to achieve and perform beyond terrific kid status become more plentiful, that she will hold on to this truth:  Our worth isn’t something to strive for – it’s a gift we live from.  

So when we talked about this over a bed-time back-scratch and I told her that I love her to infinity and beyond and back again, I hope her soul heard me deeply… I am so very proud of who you are, who God made you to be – and there’s nothing that can ever add to that {even awards like this one} or take that away. You are His and I treasure that you’re also mine.


I am so very proud of you…


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7 thoughts on “Terrific Kid Status

  1. Such a proud Nana!!!!! She is truly a TERRIFIC KID in every way. She has a special kind and loving spirit. Like I said, I am a proud Nana!!!!

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